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The People You Meet At A Writer's Group!

This week’s author, John K Sutherland is part of the group of writers I meet with at a local coffee shop. John says this about himself:

“First, my good points: I do not easily tolerate fools, but I am one myself when it comes to certain things. I am biased, arrogant, aggressive, opinionated, prejudiced, intolerant, outspoken and, in general, often wrong. I am also a downright pleasant and easy-to-get-along-with kind of fellow with honest folk of whatever ability, though there are those who disagree. And my detracting points? I don’t have any!

Below are the teasers (some a little modified) for each of John’s Tales Told Out Of School stories, that are on under johnksutherland. They are warmly erotic, but at the same time, all are romances that end happily. I added a few others, as space allowed.”

John is a huge fan of the publishing approach. His directions can be found via this link.

John is a prolific writer, and in recent years has produced a number of novels. Here's a sample of some of his work:

1. A Kitten in Delightful Trouble.

Teaser: Erin was hung up on the steep ramp of the old barn, her skirt trapped behind her, pulled tight under her breasts, and exposing everything. She had splinters sticking everywhere. Then, he walked in and saw her.

Blurb: Erin and her four friends went looking for the old cat's kittens, finding the last one in the top of the barn which was out-of-bounds to them. After a few minutes, they heard the stable door open, and close. Someone was coming! They should not be caught here. They scattered. Erin was last. She decided to use the old hay ramp, slide down it, and go. She slipped, slammed down hard onto the wooden surface with a shout, and slid down on her backside, picking up wooden splinters in the most tender parts of her anatomy on the way down. About four feet down she was brought to a sudden stop by her skirt, caught on the edge of the ramp behind and above her. The waist of her skirt was wrenched up her body. Her breasts were all that stopped it finishing up under her armpits, or her losing it altogether. Her panties were pulled tight to the point of murder, buttons flew off her blouse, her bra felt as though it was not long for this world, and she was well and truly stuck.

Then he walked in and saw her. What price would she be made to pay to enlist his help before she could escape back to school? If he would let her go. The next two hours changed both of their lives in a revolutionary way.

2. A Mind Of Her Own.

Teaser: Susan awoke. She sat up under the mosquito net, feeling, and seeing that she was completely naked. She recognized nothing, did not know where she was. She remembered some of what had happened the previous night and she began to panic.

3. On Being A Man In A Girls’ School.

Teaser: They met in the School Office on the first day for both of them. He was the new maintenance man, and she, an older student. There had been a connection between them almost from the start. It only grew from there. Then one day, a year later, it exploded.

4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

Teaser: Iris led him into the girls’ deserted changing room to see to his stings. No one would disturb them there. He was nervous with her being so lightly dressed after gymnastics, and not knowing what she intended for him. Then she sat opposite him and picked up his hand. He knew then that he might not get out alive!

5. A Runaway Situation.

Teaser: It was the night of the heavy rains when Angela opened the dormitory door to see Robert standing there. She had expected the principal. The other girls had retired. She was in only her nightdress. Mostly in it! And, boy, did she get to meet him!

6. Stuck, on a ladder.

Teaser: Marilyn is at the top of his ladder, frozen in fear. This plan of hers had gone seriously off track. The other girls had swarmed her, almost getting away with her panties and skirt, as well as her bra. He can see almost everything about her as he climbed. Getting her down would be hell. Or heaven.

7. Eunice Dyson’s Lost Panties.

Teaser: Eunice was in a panic. She had lost her panties on the fells in the wind that had sprung up as she and her friends had bathed in that pool. She imagined the worst things possible when they were found with her name sewn in them. She was not prepared for what actually happened.

…And teasers of a few Polite Romances.

'The Caroline.'

Teaser: Would you wager your sister, as well as everything you owned in a poker game? Robert did, thinking he could not lose, and died for it when he played Wyatt, a man who cheated much better than he did. Wyatt, had waited years to be revenged on that family. The man won everything, including Caroline, the sister. Then, she learns of the wager! Wyatt has some explaining to do, and to a decisive woman.

'Saving Selena.'

Teaser: Robert leaves home, never to return, after making love to his twin brother’s fiancé, falling in love with her. Selena had mistaken him for Charles, and he had been unable to tell her of her mistake. Ten years later, learning of his brother’s untimely death, and that the title is now his, Captain, Lord Robert Penfield returns to what awaits him. His life will never be the same.

'In Love and War.’

Teaser: Seven Confederates ride onto the plantation with drawn guns. Elizabeth snatches up a gun to meet them. Now, seven men lie dead around the yard. Another lies wounded; a southern Yankee. Where did he come from? And he did all this? They could not believe it, except they had seen it all. He changes their lives forever.

Deception by Proxy (my first Novel)

Teaser: A ruthless villain marries your dying sister and comes into your family. He remains tied to your family by that marriage and a promise made to your dying father. You would kill him to protect them, before he learns the real secret that you hide, but you cannot. You are caught in his spell. Then your sisters conspire to have him seduce you! By then, it is too late.

John’s novels can be found here:

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