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Death Between the Walls


Not much happens in the tiny town of Newcastle. At least, not until Emma returns from Toronto to claim her inheritance of a stately arts and culture center. Since taking up residence in the center, Emma Andrews has gotten used to finding things just a little off-kilter. Her tenants, for example, are convinced she may have killed the town manager (but they still love her). The new town manager is determined to have her evicted (but still wants to date her).  Trouble in the form of a dark secret gathers momentum. The center holds a link to the past, together with a crime that just won't remain hidden.

Death Between the Tables


What a wonderful idea for Emma to host a housewarming for the town in her arts and culture center! Residents from the small town arrived, from the town council to the police and fire department teams, to the artists working in the Manse. Then, one of the guests dies of food poisoning. Or did she? Her tenants are chief among the suspects, and all eyes are on the two newest residents, including Emma herself. Her best friend and aunt are willing to help, but it will come down to Emma to perform the investigation.

Who would have the nerve to commit murder in front of the entire police force? And will they strike again?

Death Between the Decks


DBtD drops in January, 2023

Lawyers and Lobster Boats.

Small towns come with small town events. What could be more boring than to take an evening cruise on a yacht with half a dozen lawyers? Things become a bit more exciting when six lawyers leave the wharf and only five return.

Everyone on board has a secret; from Calvin the oh-so-nervous caterer to the oh-so-offensive lawyer, Bash Draper. Will Emma, new to town and decidedly not a lawyer be able to break down the wall of silence the lawyers have constructed? Is she even interested in getting to the bottom of this tricky affair? The last murder she solved almost cost Emma her life; will she be as lucky this time?

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