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Who To See At FogLit


Gentle Readers, it was with great pleasure I found myself among the featured authors for the upcoming FogLit Literary Festival in Saint John, New Brunswick. Part of the fun of such events is, of course, being given the opportunity to talk about my writing, and writing in general. Another pretty darn entertaining element of events like FogLit is I have to opportunity to meet and listen to excellent writers I may or may not know.

Today, I’d like to chat about three authors I’ll meet, whom I’ve already had the pleasure of encountering at other venues. Writing is a solitary preoccupation/vocation, so going to a festival or conference and interacting with ‘my tribe’ is so fun and fulfilling! I get excited every single time I get together with writers.

This year, I sat in on a couple of events in Moncton, at the Attic Owl Reading Series. Again, I met some great writers and got to do a reading myself. Let me tell you about two individuals I met there, who will be participating at FogLit.

Sarah Mian, author of When The Saints is an author from Nova Scotia. She’s just tough enough to write about returning to your home town when your home town might not be thrilled to greet you. I loved her one-liners, her lines and the truths she shared. When she describes small town Canada, you know you’ve read an honest, funny and heartbreaking read.



Mark Jarman is an author from Fredericton, my town. He writes in a completely different way from Sarah, but the universal truths about human nature are still there. The honesty and insights are still there. Why, he asks, do you never see street beggars at the ski resorts? We walk with him down an Italian city street, and we walk with him down a Canadian city street. In both situations, we learn, and are entertained.



Both Sarah and Mark will be featured at FogLit. I’m making it a point to catch them both. Next time, I want to introduce you to Ms. Anne Emery, one of Canada’s top crime writers. Yup, she’ll be featured at FogLit as well.


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